How To Style: Winter Parka

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As days getting chillier I noticed I forgot to include the most important coat in my capsule wardrobe directory. It is a big winter parka coat. It is so necessary for the cold climates, but trust me it is really usable even in London. And yes mamas it is the number one coat for the long football match to keep you warm.

How to style Winter Parka

Parkas Everlane/ Beanie TSF by Katarina

What Kind Of Style To Go For?

It is completely up to you. I know when you say parka it should be a longer jacket, but you can even go for a shorter puffer jacket. Totally up to you, whatever you prefer and works for your lifestyle. Just remember hood is really practical when start snowing.

What Kind Of Material To Go For?

Try to find something waterproof or at least showerproof. It keeps you even dry not just warm.

How to style winter parka

What Colour To Choose?

It would be ideal in some neutral colour. Navy, Olive or Black are colours to go for. Just because parkas are the jackets for a free time, think of those long dog walks ( yes they get excited ), football match and playgrounds. Wherever life takes you, you can wear a parka.

Outfit Inspiration

As always I prepared some outfit inspiration for you. So enjoy inspiration for a free time.

How to style winter park

Do you include parka to your winter wardrobe? What style do you prefer? Let me know in the comments.