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How To Style: Stay At Home Mum Wardrobe

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I mostly preparing style posts about work and professional wardrobes. But what about us, stay at home mums or mums on maternity leave. I know you already saw so many stay at home mums capsule wardrobe posts, but I prepared  something different for you. Mums wardrobe but with a little smartness in it.

How To Style: Stay At Home Mum Wardrobe

What Is Included In Stay at Home Mum Capsule Wardrobe

I build my stay at home mum wardrobe with pretty much everything what you already have in your wardrobe, you are just afraid to wear it with the little ones running around and with so many spills and stains staring at you all the time. But let me tell you, clothes need to be worn and not just hanging in the closet. Take your nicer clothes, blouses, pants and why not that silk scarf out of your wardrobe and wear it?

Capsule Wardrobe: Stay at home mum

Little Swaps

Try to make a little change, if the basic t-shirt can be worn to the office why couldn’t you wear nice blouse at home or for a school run? Simple minimalistic blouse is easier to wash and looks much better then just classic t-shirts. Don’t get me wrong, I love t-shirts but you know blouse and shirt is a different level. A little upgrade of your daily uniform.

Capsule Wardrobe: Stay at home mum

Style To Go For

Preferably go for something simple, minimalistic in neutral colours. (You know I am huge fun of this style.) Easy to take care of it and never goes out of style. I know you need some comfier clothes as well, but it doesn’t mean you need to reach for sweatpants. Wear your oversized sweaters with leggings to feel comfortable and if you opt for a tall boots in winter you’ll look really chic.

Brands To Go For

While I was browsing I found nice tops, tunics, shirts, blouses and coats at   Everlane, COS, or Arket,

Capsule Wardrobe: Stay at home mum

I hope you found this post helpful. But if you’re looking for more fall styling inspirations over here you can find more of them or follow me on Pinterest where I pin daily outfit inspirations.

And if you plan to build your capsule wardrobe, but are unsure what you like or don’t like my new eBook ‘ How To Build a Minimalist Wardrobe ‘ is right for you. It will guide you through different body shapes, and styles, touch the colour analysis and help you to declutter your wardrobe. Also, the help notepads will help you with smart shopping decisions. And thanks to shoppable links and shop dictionary will help you with shopping for the missing items. Once you build your minimalist wardrobe, you will not experience’ that you have nothing to wear mornings ‘, and it also saves you a big chunk of money in the long term.

Let me know in the comments what is your style and everyday uniform.

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