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What To Wear When The Weather Is Unpredictable

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These days not only our current situation is unpredictable but also the weather plays a game. In some parts, it’s getting warmer day by day, but somewhere we still can’t be sure if we getting closer to summer or will stay in spring with all the uncertainty.  I got a message asking for some inspiration about what to wear when is too hot for wearing jeans.  I came to an idea for not only what to wear when we want to skip the jeans outfits not to be too hot, but what to wear when the weather is unpredictable.

What to wear when weather is unpredictable

What To Wear When Weather Is Unpredictable

We can get a bit confused, upset and lost at the same when it comes to dressing for all seasons in one day. And especially when you don’t want to pull out jeans from your closet. We can test our capsule wardrobe if it’s really full of stuff what we wear, we feel good at and the most important if it contains everything. This can be a good challenge to try as we will be layering items, and dress for summer with a hint of autumn to finish it with the woollen knit 😉 That’s right, once again the layers are key.

What to wear when weather is unpredictable

 Bag // Cullotes // Denim Jacket // Buckle Bag //

What To Consider

We don’t like to be cold if the morning is still a bit crispy, but we don’t want to carry heavy items in the afternoon either when the sun comes out and to kiss our faces.  When the weather plays the game I take a challenge. Wearing a culotte with a cotton t-shirt and a denim jacket or a leather jacket. Depends on how much sun is planned for the afternoon. It’s the way to go.

What to wear when weather is unpredictable

What To Wear

This is the time when summer dresses come out of your wardrobe and you wear them such a fashionable cool way with the leather jacket, trenchcoat or a denim jacket. Just have a look at the pictures and you can see how shoes will transition it from formal to casual. We will finally take out our summery skirts and show them with the full swing. Wear them casually with the lighter knit and trainers or with the t-shirt and heels for a meeting. The weather can’t stop us.

What to wear when weather is unpredictable


Lighter and breathable materials are a must for the layers outfits. When you get a breathable t-shirt, under light cashmere and you top it up with a water-resistant trenchcoat. You will be ready for anything. Meeting and the weather won’t stop you.

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