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How To Wear a White Shirt In The Summer

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I can’t believe is nearly the end of June. It doesn’t only mean the end of the school year but also the beginning of summer. I am sure most of us loves those long summer days spent by the pool or on the beach and afterwards long dinner on the terrace. Ohh it would be lovely to spend the summer like this. But unfortunately, there are more activities to do over that dream summer days. Let’s be realistic, there has to be some work done too, the house kept under control and the kids looked after. And for that real days, we thankfully created a capsule wardrobe. But what if we came to a styling dilemma on how to wear our all-year-round pieces over the summer? One of those pieces can be a white button-down shirt. It is really versatile piece, but it can be doubted as we have it in a long-sleeved version. But nothing to worry about, I played around to show you my styling ideas on how to wear a white shirt in the summer.

For Shopping

How to wear a white shirt in summer

Shirt // Shorts // Espadrilles // 

How To Wear a White Shirt In The Summer

The classic white button-down shirt doesn’t need to be worn only to the office. All fashion ladies proofed, it can be easily styled down for a beach as well. Just have a look at Pinterest.  I will style my shirt with jeans, a skirt and shorts. As that is all that I need. And if I need more inspiration I’ll have a look here. What about you? How would you style your white button-down shirt? Below you can find outfits inspiration for every occasion in the summer.

For The Office

How to wear a white shirt in summer

Shorts // Slides // Bag //

Everyday Casual

How to wear a white shirt in summer

Jeans // Slides //

For The Night Out

How to wear a white shirt in summer

// Bag // Skirt //

To The Beach

How to wear a white shirt in summer

Swimwear // Straw Bag // Slides //


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