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How To Style Black Shirt

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When I was thinking about what to style for you this week I found that I didn’t style my most wearable shirt, obviously black shirt. This simple shirt can be dress down and dress up so easily that it is the best versatile piece of every capsule wardrobe. As I already styled white shirt and a silk shirt I would like to show you how to style a black shirt.

How to style black shirt


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How To Style A Black Shirt

The black shirt is definitely considered as a part of a basic wardrobe. It is such a versatile piece of clothing. You can wear it anywhere and with anything. Dress up or dress down, depends on the occasion and mood. My all-time favourite is to dress it with a pair of jeans boots or loafers, if I want to feel more powerful I’ll go for heels. The black shirt can be worn with a silk skirt and trainers, it makes such an effortless outfit. If you need to look office-ready just wear it with smart pants for an easy style yet professional. When in doubt wear a black on black.

How to style black shirt


As always the most luxurious would be to go for pure silk, but not many can afford it or they can’t be asked to take care of it. A more affordable option would be shirt made of Tencel, sateen or cotton. I personally like sateen, as it is nice and shiny, to and when I wear it with trainers it gives my outfit a bit of unexpected touch. If you prefer cotton, be really careful, it tends to fade quite fast.

How to style black shirt

What Kind of Fit is The Best

I prefer a slightly oversized fit, as it slips nicely around the body. If you can go for a pocketless, it will be easier to style the whole outfit, anyway who needs pockets on the shirt. Make it as simple as possible is the way to go.

How to style black shirt



I prepared some outfit inspiration on how to wear the black shirt, so you can dress in the morning even with the lights off.

How to style black shirt

If you like a more outfit inspiration as always you can find it on my Pinterest or you can check other How to style posts.

How to style black shirt



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