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The Best Coats To Transition From Winter To Spring

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Spring in the air. Last week I talked about the spring capsule wardrobe, but the temperatures dropped again and I realized the spring clothes are not enough yet and winter jackets are too thick for that kind of weather. So I browsed a bit and find the amazing coats that would take us from winter to spring without sacrificing the style and comfort. Below I styled the best coats to transition from winter to spring.

The Best Coats to Transition from Winter to Spring

Shortsleeve Knit // Coat // Jeans // Boots // Bag //


The Best Coats To Transition From Winter To Spring

We are looking at something that will be warm enough for a chilly morning but not too warm for warmer afternoons. The trench coat is amazing from spring all the way to fall but it can be a bit chilly to wear it in early spring when the air is still a bit too cold after a long winter. So the best coat for that kind of weather would be something made of wool but without extra lining in it. done an amazing job. Nicola design the stylish coats sustainably made without the hefty price tag. Or a great option is a short coat, also without lining. The wrapped up coats are so stylish.

The Best Coats to Transition from Winter to Spring

Coat // Pumps // Trousers // Bag

The Best Material

The wool is the best to go for. The thermoregulation is amazing and you won’t feel toasted when the sun comes out. Also, it won’t be sticking on your skin. So what else can you ask for?

The Best Coats to Transition from Winter to Spring


As I mentioned the wrap coats are really stylish and elegant options. But if you would like to go for something more relaxed, opt for loose-fitting/oversized coats. Btw, both styles look amazing with any kind of shoes, it doesn’t matter if you are more heel lady or trainers lady you can wear these coats to level up your game. Or if you like the shorter version, the good option would be a wool blazer. It’s short, buttoned up and looks amazing with anything.

The Best Coats to Transition from Winter to Spring

Jeans // Trainers // Long Coat // T-shirt you get a 10% off with my special code PRETAOBC5


Would you consider to add a thinner wool coat to your capsule wardrobe? I am already thinking of one.

I am also thinking to create basics to add to your wardrobe. Please let me know what are you missing on the market or what’s your struggles when it comes to updating your wardrobe. Please share your thoughts as I would like to help as much as I can. And my main aim is not just to help you with the best product but also to give a job to mum’s and all skilled ladies who can only work from home.  Will you support my idea and share your thoughts on this?  Thank you in advance for any kind of feedback.

The Best Coats to Transition from Winter to Spring


Tote //  Blazer//

You can find more capsule wardrobe styling ideas under the how to style section. Or on Pinterest, I keep looking for new inspirations every single day. And if you feel for a real wardrobe inspiration you will make me happy if you pop to my Instagram.

Hope you keeping well and you finding a joy and peace with your capsule wardrobe.



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