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How To Style: Straight Leg Jeans

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Last week I wrote a  wishlist for my spring/summer capsule wardrobe. As I really like the look of straight leg jeans I decided to show you how to style them. You don’t need to stick to your skinny jeans all the time. You can have this French chic and stylish feeling in the straight leg jeans.

How to style Straight leg jeans

Jeans / Leather Jacket / Bag / Trainers

How to style straight leg jeans

It is as easy to wear them as your skinnies. If you go for a high waist or mid-waist style it lengthens your legs. And if you add the heels your legs will look like they don’t end. They are the perfect choice for petite ladies. Tuck your shirt, blouse or t-shirt inside and you will be good to go.


How to style Straight leg jeans

T-shirt or here / Mules / Bag / sunglasses

What length to go for

I just pulled out my old Levis to wear them again. I cut the hems off made them shorter so they reach ankles. Straight leg jeans shouldn’t be worn too long. We don’t need bagginess around the ankles. It will destroy a whole look. We want to wear them at the ankle length for longer looking legs.

Outfit Inspiration

As I am getting slightly obsessed with the French style I also included some colour in this collages. Everything else is the basis what you already have in your classic capsule wardrobe.

Where to shop

I just launched a Pret a Collection shop where you will find building blocks for your perfect wardrobe. I partner with small business owners who produce items by themselves and in small quantities, they are handmade and most of the time made to order. In the shop, you will find high-quality pieces to lasts years to come at affordable prices. I also offer Free Shipping for the whole month.


How to style Straight leg jeans

Top / Shoes


Do you own straight leg jeans? How do you style them? Please let me know in the comments. And for more outfit inspiration check out my Pinterest loaded every day with new inspiration. And don’t forget to have a look at my shop and let me know what you think or about any small business what would be a perfect match for us.


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