Weekend Gateway

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I used to travel a lot, but only since I created a capsule wardrobe I am actually able to pack only necessary items. And the last few trips I managed to pack so light that even my husband couldn’t believe I had everything for a week. My travel light posts and collages help me to prepare in advance and they’re like my checklist once the time is right. It is a great time saver, especially for summer trips where I usually overpacked. Summer is not my strongest season, when it comes to fashion choices, I used to take every summery item that I had.  To avoid this mistake ever again I am getting well in advance for a weekend gateway. It doesn’t need to be a weekend on the beach, but it could be for all of you who live close by, but it could easily work for a spa trip or some summer trips with the pools included.

Weekend Gateway//  Dress  // Skirt similar // Shirt  // Hat // Slides // Swimwear // Top or here // Straw basket // Beach towel // Sunglasess //

Weekend Gateway

I think everyone needs to and should go away for a few days, to reset and come home fresh. We shouldn’t wait only for big holidays when they come, but we should try to escape our daily lives more often. Not because we are not happy where we are, but because we need to come up with fresh ideas, clear heads and talk about new experiences. Did you realize that last year we’ve been talking mostly about the corona and quarantine life? We need to escape that. And short trips for a weekend can help us with it.

Weekend Gateway

What To Pack

As I mentioned above to plan even a short trip can save us time. I know sometimes it’s better like the last minute but most of the time planning ahead could save us stress once we go there. Less wondering thoughts what we forgot. 🙂

I would take a Dress, shirt, top, skirt/sarong, swimwear and accessories – straw bag, sun hat, sunglasses and shoes. Plus toiletries but it’s not included in the capsule wardrobe. But if you like to add it to your packing list it would be easier if you prepared your list ahead of time. The most important would be suncream and body lotion. Suncream can work as a day cream and body lotion is necessary to use after a day in the pool or at the sea.

Weekend Gateway


Is great to travel in, to go for dinner or take it to the beach/pool. And I don’t need to mention the town walks.


It will look great with the skirt or on its own to wear over the swimwear.


The skirt could be worn with swimwear or paired with the shirt or top for a day-to-night look. If you opt for a sarong style skirt you will have even more styling options, as it could be worn as a top as well, but then you will need to add some shorts or another skirt to your bag.


It can be worn on its own or as a base layer under the shirt for an effortless look.


My summer must-have accessories are a summer hat, summer bag, sunglasses and mostly I go for slides.

Once you try to travel with less you will never want to drag a heavy suitcase around. I would easily fit these in my straw bag. If you fly, these would take you through the airport within minutes. As you would carry only a straw bag, which is lightweight and quite small compared to hand luggage suitcases.

Weekend Gateway

What would you pack for your weekend escape? Do you still overpack or do you travel light?

If you would like to have more inspiration on how to create a capsule wardrobe and travel light, read my other posts here or have a look at my Pinterest to give you more ideas. If you are stacked with the process of creating a perfect capsule wardrobe I can help you with it, book your session here and I’ll be happy to schedule a call to walk you through the process.