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Spring Capsule Wardrobe

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It’s so exciting to see nature coming back to life again. As the weather gets warmer we can finally swap the thick winter coats for something lighter. That’s the right time to create a spring capsule wardrobe.  As the minimalist in the heart and with the all-year-round minimalist capsule wardrobe in place, there is not much to swap around when the weather gets warmer. All that I focus on is outerwear and accessories. That makes a huge difference. If you follow my journey for a while, you probably saw my previous spring wardrobes. What does this year’s spring capsule wardrobe differ from the previous ones?

spring capsule wardrobe

Roll Neck // Crew Neck // Black Blazer // Trench Coat // Grey Blazer sold out but similar here // Shirt // Stripe T-Shirt // T-shirts // Similar Short Sleeve Knit  // Skirt // Scarf // Sunglasses // Loafers // Black Jeans // Blue Jeans // Black Pants // Boots // Trainers // Basket // Tote //

Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022

What is included in my spring capsule wardrobe for 2022? I swapped my beloved leather jacket for an oversized blazer, as that is what I wear more often. Also, I didn’t include any dresses as that is something that I wear more in the summer. And I also added a straw basket as this is something that I wore quite often last year and can’t wait to wear again. I think it looks super chic worn with the trench coat and blazers. Except for these little changes, there is only a difference in the style. I feel more comfortable in a looser comfier fit than in skin-tight clothes. Our lives change so does our style.

spring capsule wardrobe


Trench coat and blazers became my wardrobe staples from early spring until late fall. They are so versatile to wear, they are easily mixed and matched. And most importantly gives that chic touch to the simplest outfit.

spring capsule wardrobe


Knits are a must for an early spring. Worn on their own or layered over a shirt or top. And in our place can be quite easy to be worn all the way to May. I know it sounds terrible but sometimes it’s a reality. If we are lucky enough and we get warmer days, the knits can be swapped for long-sleeved or short-sleeved t-shirts.

spring capsule wardrobe


That’s the easiest part of the wardrobe for me. Most of the time I wear jeans, when I feel for a change it’s nice to have smart trousers on hand and once the weather is really pleasant I’ll reach for a skirt.

spring capsule wardrobe


As I mentioned before the accessories are the part where you can get more creative and where you can see the difference between the seasons. Swapping a wool scarf for a lighter silk scarf makes that soft look to the outfit. When it comes to shoes I guess it’s not only me who is excited to swap the winter boots for much lighter ankle boots and later on trainers, loafers and ballet flats. I can’t wait to be able to wear slides again. But that’s what I need to wait for another couple of months. Last but not least I can’t forget to mention bags. That’s what I am looking forward to. I will add my beloved straw basket to most of my outfits. It became the best buy of the last year. It’s not only spacious but easy to carry around and adds extra french chicness to the outfit.

spring capsule wardrobe

What will you include in your spring capsule wardrobe? Are there many swapes when it comes to different seasons? Let’s share your spring outfit ideas on Instagram. I also decided to make a little outfit lookbook on my IG profile by documenting all outfit ideas that I can create from this spring capsule wardrobe. If you are interested to see all my outfit collages to comes to life follow me here.

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