How to style a slip dress

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Who doesn’t like an effortless style of simple silk dresses that looks great worn with anything? If you are still not sure if that trend, what became an essential piece of wardrobe, is right for you, I will show you how to style a slip dress and convenience you that it is a piece of clothing that you would like to add to your capsule wardrobe, as it can be easily dressed up or down.

How To Style a Slip Dress
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How To Style a Slip Dress

A slip dress can be easily styled with all other pieces of your capsule wardrobe. You don’t need to reserve that type of dress only for a special occasion, as the material is luxurious. They can be easily dressed down in the summer with flip-flops, chunky sandals or simple sandals, together with the summer basket. For the colder evenings throw the shirt over or a blazer. Once the temperature drops wear a chunky sweater over the dress or a t-shirt under the dress. They look chic with simple high boots as well. Adding a wool coat makes them wearable in the colder months. If you style your dress with thicker tights and high boots no one will notice those extras and it keeps you nice and warm, yet fashionable.

Are Slip Dresses Still In?

The slip dresses were really popular in the 90s, it looks like that trend returned a few years ago and became so popular that it seems it won’t go anywhere in the close future. So if you like to make this purchase as an investment, go for it, as it lasts for years.

How To Style a Slip Dress
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Can You Wear Slip Dress Casually?

Slip dresses are classy and chic when worn on their own. They offer unlimited possibilities for layering too. But once worn with a simple t-shirt and trainers makes them look perfectly casual.

What Jacket Do You Wear With The Slip Dresses?

You can wear slip-dresses all year round. Once it gets chillier wear them with the leather jacket and for meetings with the oversized blazer for an effortless but professional look.

How To Style a Slip Dress
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How To Wear a Slip Dress for a Wedding

I like to style a slip dress with an oversized blazer and simple shoes. They look effortlessly chic with simple heel sandals or slides.

What Material Is The Slip Dress Made Of?

The slip dress can be made from:

Satin – slips nicely but it’s a slightly thicker material compared to silk. The advantage the dress doesn’t need to be lined.
Silk satin – is a synthetic material, which makes it cheaper than silk, but with the lightweight and feel of silk. It is also thinner than satin which makes it looks more luxurious. The slip dresses made of silk satin are usually made with underlining.
Silk – is the most luxurious material that slip dresses are made of. It is also natural material. If you thinking to invest in slip dresses this is the type that you should aim for.

How To Style a Slip Dress
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What Lenght The Slip Dresses Come In

The slip dresses come in all sorts of lengths. From short, you are reaching your middle thighs, to full length. The most popular and elegant is the one getting under the knees or mid-calf.

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