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What To Wear To a Job Interview In The Summer

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Changing jobs and interviews can be very stressful. And once you go through that changes in the summer it can be even more challenging as the high temperatures can give us challenging times to wear professionally but still keeps us cool. Since the styling winter interview post became quite popular I decided to prepare another post to help you with your styling choices for a job interview in the summer. If you wondering what to wear to a job interview in the summer this post is right for you.

What To Wear To a Job Interview In The Summer
Dress // Top // Blazer // Cardigan // Wrap top // Trousers // Skirt // Bag // Pumps // Slingback // Belt // Necklace

What do you wear to an interview on a hot summer day?

Choose a thin, silk shell or blouse to go underneath and you’ll look and feel put together. But remember that if it’s hot outside, there will likely be Arctic-level air conditioning inside, so don’t hesitate to choose a long-sleeved blazer. Alternatively, you can opt for a lightweight dress with an unlined blazer. The best option is to wear natural materials like cotton, silk, lightweight wool or linen as those materials keep you cool and sweat under control.

What to wear to a job interview if it’s hot?

Opting for high-quality and natural materials makes it easier to go through interviews in the summer. It’s normal to be nervous at the interviews, but wearing breathable materials adds a bit of comfort, and keeps the sweat under the control, so there is less to worry about.

What To Wear To a Job Interview In The Summer

Tailored pantsuit.

Wearing a suit for a job interview is the easiest way how to look professional and put together. A suit means business and it will show your future employer that you are serious about that job. If you prefer to wear skirts, go for a suit with the skirt but be careful of the length. It can’t be too short as it gives the wrong signal.

Blouse or shirt.

Pairing your suit with a nice blouse or shirt will be a good choice. The blouse can’t be with a deep V-neck or made of sheer material. But if it has nice details like a bow or ruffles sleeves or neckline it gives a nice touch to a tailored suit. If you or the office environment requires business dressing, opt for a tailored pure cotton shirt.

What To Wear To a Job Interview In The Summer

Lightweight blazer.

As most of the time offices are airconditioned, it is a good option to take some lightweight blazer.

Professional dress or skirt.

As I mentioned before, if you wear a skirt it can’t be too short. The minimum is the knee length. If you prefer longer skirts, go for mid-calf as longer lengths can look too casual. Also try not to wear your skirt too tight, it needs to have a nice shape but be comfortable to sit down and walk around. Trust me nothing is worst than a too-tight skirt that keeps rolling up and you keep pulling it down all the time. It makes you also worried that it will be ripped anytime. That’s the last thing that you need.
Regarding the dresses, it’s great to wear them as you have a complete outfit in one piece. But go for a professional simple look. If you choose a sleeveless dress, it’s better if you wear them with a blazer. Not too flowy, with loads of prints. It makes you look like you heading for the holiday instead that you being serious about the job. Print dresses are only acceptable in the fashion industry where you can express your personality.

What To Wear To a Job Interview In The Summer

Slacks or khakis.

I would recommend wearing that kind of pants only when you are sure that you style them right and you are not applying for a smart office dress code job. Wear them with the shirt or blouse, and heels should be the preferable shoe option, unless you are not comfortable walking in them, then go for pumps.

Closed-toe shoes.

The shoes are an important part of the outfit, as they can break or make the whole outfit. Even in the summer preferably you should wear closed-toe shoes for interviews. They make the whole outfit more professional. Heels, slingbacks, loafers and pumps are all good options.

What To Wear To a Job Interview In The Summer

Hope you found that post helpful and there will be one less thing to worry about once you go through an interview in the summer. If you’re looking for more summer styling inspirations over here you can find more of them or follow me on Pinterest where I pin daily outfit inspirations.

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