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Minimalist Capsule Handbag Collection

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Do you belong to a bag lovers group or are you a minimalist at the core? I used to be a bag hoarder 🙁 I feel really bad about it, but by building my minimalist capsule wardrobe I don’t need to keep swapping bags around and forget all the necessary stuff in the one from the previous day. You know that hassle right? After years I managed to curate my minimalist capsule handbag collection aka capsule wardrobe to only 4 bags + a rucksack for travelling. Are you curious how I did it? Keep reading about my minimalist capsule handbag collection.

Minimalist Capsule Handbag Collection

Shirt // Trench Coat // Knit // Trousers // Bag // Trainers 

Minimalist Capsule Handbag Collection

I used to have many purses in different colours until I realized that most of the time, I generally wear only one purse. Therefore, I now tend to purchase purses that are classic and simple in design, which allows me to use them until it starts falling apart at which point I will go on a long search for a new one. This process allows my bag to become a piece of wearable art.

Everyday Large Tote Bag

Do you have a bag that goes with anything? Maybe it’s an everyday tote you always take with you everywhere, or perhaps even an on-the-go style that doesn’t necessarily require much room, but can fit the basics for a day out without having to worry about running out of space. My most worn handbag is definitely my large black leather tote! I wear it everywhere and absolutely love it because I know I can fit all of my necessities inside of it and still have some room open if I need it. This handbag switches up my look easily, especially when travelling or going out at night – which is why it’s quickly become one of my most used bags since getting it.

Minimalist Capsule Handbag Collection

T-shirt // Blazer // Basket or here // Mules 

 Straw Basket Bag

Aww, you can’t even imagine how much I wanted that basket bag. I was dreaming about getting one for many years. Until last year, when I did all my research on the size, quality and handles I finally purchased the dream basket bag. And I couldn’t be happier. It is the second most worn bag. Actually, I can easily say it’s my everyday summer bag & I love it so much that I would love to wear it in the winter as well but at least I take it to wellness retreats & occasionally for shopping. The straw basket bag is a stunning piece of art that is also very durable and has leather handles which make it look like more of an expensive item. If you’ve been here for a while, then you know I prefer handmade pieces and the basket bag is definitely one of them. I’ve been waiting forever for it to arrive – but all the wait was worth it because, for any mum with small kids, I just can’t recommend this enough! It fits so much fun stuff from snacks to crayons to toys and clothes that they keep throwing on you once they are busy running around.

Minimalist Capsule Handbag Collection

Knit // Trousers // Bag 

Little Crossbody Bag

Little crossbody bags have always been a part of my life and I’m glad they’re still going strong today. They are the perfect type of bag for every day because you can wear them to just about any sort of event or gathering whether it be a work meeting or movie night with friends! Best of all, they’re small enough to have with you as if your smartphone, wallet, keys, sunglasses etc. and look great while doing so! The Little Crossbody bag is great for attending events, like a dinner date with your partner or going shopping. You’ll have both hands free to browse the nice things in the store while keeping your essentials close by and safely with you!

Minimalist Capsule Handbag Collection

Top or Here // Bag // Mules 

Special Occasion Bag

It’s the bag that you probably won’t wear often, but it is a prestigious bag to have in your closet. When it comes time to dress up for an event or attend a formal party, a clutch that is small and practical will be good. You should not overpack this bag as lipstick, phone, credit card and keys are more than enough items to bring with you on this special occasion.

That’s my minimalist collection of handbags. How many bags do you have? Do you have fewer than five or even more? I’m curious, so connect with me on Instagram or Pinterest to share your shots. And if you like my eye for combining simple staples in my easy and relaxed fashion style, then keep an eye out for new additions to the shop or shop Instagram account, over the next few weeks as we’re moving into summery territory!

Aww, I nearly forgot. For those of you who would like to help me spread the word about Pret a Collection handmade collection, I created an affiliate program where I offer a 10% commission on each sale that comes through your special link and it is easy to sign up for! All you have to do is follow a couple of steps while you sign up and share your special link with friends.

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