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Sustainable Brand: Organic Basics Review

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Since I created a capsule wardrobe I am more careful what items enter my wardrobe. As everyone says quality over quantity, but what does it mean? Every item in your capsule wardrobe needs to work hard for you, it shouldn’t be thrown away after a few wears. This is exactly why I fell in love with OrganicBasics. I would never think of a simple looking t-shirt that can be so soft and work hard for you. To make your decisions easier I decided to review Organic Basics products.


Sustainable Brand - Organic Basics

Sustainable Brand Organic Basics Review

I was so excited when the package arrives, I was expected it nicely wrapped in a paper bag, but it arrived in plastic, I was a little bit disappointed until I looked at it closer and learned the bag was actually a 100% recycled poly mailer. Good company makes a good choice.

When I opened the bag there was nicely sitting 3 little colourful paper bags. Each little package contains a single item or set when it is sold as a set.

I was lucky enough to try Silvertech Everyday White T-shirt and Organic cotton starter pack bikini set.

Sustainable Brand - Organic Basics

Silvertech Everyday White T-shirt

When I touched this t-shirt I couldn’t believe how soft it was. I was expecting something more like synthetic materials even when I knew OrganicBasics items are made of organic cotton. Just because I didn’t know I made up my own imagination about the material. This t-shirt was something that I never think of I never even know something so soft can exist. And what actually means SilverTech? It is an antibacterial thread for odour control. You don’t need to worry, this t-shirt won’t let you down when you rush for an important meeting. I tested it really hard as I always rush through the stations. It didn’t stick after all day. Normally I feel uncomfortable after a few hours, but not in this tee.  The T-shirt contains 12% silver yarn, 6% elastane and 82% organic cotton.


I prefer a looser fit, but I wanted to try something different. In the description is, slim fitted t-shirt fits true to size. So I went for size Small. I am 160cm tall and 59 kg just for reference. It fits exactly as described. As I am quite short it comes a little bit longer but not too long to leave too much extra fabric around the hips and when I tack it into the trousers it still looks tidy. For longer ladies, it will be a perfect fit to sit nicely on the hips without showing the skin. Or just to keep your middle part covered and warm. Elastan gives it a bit of stretch but no too much, the t-shirt is not skin tight at all. When it comes to sleeves the length nicely covers armpits but is not restricted for movement. You know when you bend and something restrict your movement. This t-shirt doesn’t give you any of that. You can move as much as you like. And last but not least I need to mention the crew neck. Some nearly killing me, but SilverTech has a slightly lower crew neck that nicely shows a bit of skin and doesn’t restrict your breathing.

After a few wear, I know I need a black as well. And definitely will go for Small again.

Sustainable Brand Organic Basics

Organic Cotton Starter Pack Bikini Set

I wanted to try SilverTech starter pack but as it comes with a sports bra, which I don’t like to wear every day, I went for an Organic cotton set. It includes a bralette and hipster bikini.


As with the t-shirt, even the bralette is so soft and comes in thick cotton. What is great. By the first look, I thought it will be high on the front but it is not at all. Thanks to a thicker band it is really comfortable bralette with a true to size fit. If you are not sure about the size or you are between the sizes I would recommend going for a size bigger, it has a strong band and 3 levels of fastening so it has enough adjustment. Cups are large enough to cover the breasts properly. I don’t like when bra cups are small and don’t give enough coverage and support. Not to mention it doesn’t look good under the t-shirts. Overall it is definitely bralette what you need in your underwear drawer.

Organic Basics

Hipster Bikini 

Same as bralette it is made of organic cotton. It comes with a thick waistband that gives it a nice feeling and doesn’t create unnecessary folds. Panties are perfectly cut, meaning cover nicely and comfortably the whole bottom and they are nicely cut at the front – not too low not too high. Doesn’t dig into the skin. It Comfiest cotton underwear I ever have worn. With the undies, you need to be careful and honest about your size. As much as I would love to wear a size Small I followed measurement and went for a size Medium. They fit perfect. So if you are unsure just follow brand measurements.


If you are still not sure that you should try Organic Basics they offer a 10% discount with the code PRETACOBC. You know they are a good company when they love more people to have good quality items in their wardrobe that last for years to come.  Code is valid only until 22/11.




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