Sustainable Fashion: Gweniss

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Have you ever been looking for that perfect leather bag? Have you ever heard about Gweniss?

Probably first answer is OHH YES, and second NEVER.

Who is Gweniss?

The Gweniss is a small online shop which focus on handmade products made by small independent craftspeople from across the UK to create luxury leather bags and straps. This products are collectively marketed and traded under the Gweniss brand.



Ava Shoulder Strap

Long in the making, the brand is based on providing the customers with leather goods that are timeless in terms of both style and quality but are also adaptable to current trends.The unique selling point comes from the selection of handmade leather straps to add a personal twist to the classic styles of our leather bags and which are interchangeable depending on the season or mood.

Handmade for you.


Riley Saddle Bag


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