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How to Save Money On a Baby Arrival

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We just welcomed another little darling in our family so I thought it could be a good idea to write a post how to safe money when a new baby arrives. I know with the second and more baby in the family it is much easier to safe money, because all of us probably keep the stuffs from the first one, but I am pretty sure money can be saved even with the new baby when your family just start to grow.

There is many items which are necessary to buy, but loads of them they are just luxury or useless. Useless in sense you never know if your baby will loves it or hate it. That what happen to us with few items.

What you really need to buy before little one arrives.

Car seat – you can not leave a hospital without one, but if you don’t own a car, later on it will be useless for you, so just borrow one from friends or family

Cod/cod bed or mosses basket with bedding – mosses basket is great to have a baby next to you everywhere in the house, but keep in mind baby will fit in it only for couple of months, ask your friends and family if they can borrow/give you one. We got our cod bed from friend which saved us loads of money.

Stroller – you want to take your baby for a walk. You can browse internet, eBay and get a cheaper one, especially for a newborns they are used only for a couple of months. If you are lucky you can get one in really good condition for little money.

A few clothes – they grow so quick so you don’t need to buy 20 bodysuits or sleep-suits. I bought bunch of them second hand. Some of them we never used. There was no time or it was too wide. You never know how big baby will be born.

Muslin cloths – you will need few of them. But don’t need to go wild with shopping as well. Everything can be washed.

Loads of nappies and toiletries is something what you buy a lot so I don’t count it.

And something what I personally think is unnecessary:

Bouncing chair – you never know if your little one likes to spend time in it, my hated it, so it is better if you borrow one from relatives or friends, or just don’t get one, we grew up without having one and we didn’t miss anything.

Many toys – first few months babies are not interesting in anything

Baby carrier – baby is more comfortable when they laid down in a stroller. If you want to try one why not to borrow from someone? Cheaper and later not a hustle with the storage.

Hopefully you will find this post helpful, it is really minimalist approach to baby items. If you think I forgot anything please let me know in the comments.


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