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Capsule Wardrobe My Way – A Year Without Shopping Challenge May Update

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Another month past by and I am back here to write a summary how it goes with my capsule wardrobe challenge. I have to tell you as it goes for longer it gets easier and easier. I like the freedom not being competitive, not to compare to others and chase the fashion trends.

If you are new to my website and you have no idea what my challenge is about you can read it here and how it goes month by month ( January, February, March and April )

Capsule Wardrobe My Way - May update

What I’ve been up to

I spent my days working on my website and investing more in photography. I wouldn’t be able to do it if I was spending my free time browsing websites for new trends just to keep on track. I learned a lot about the manual mode and every time I have a minute I looking through the lens. I love it. And what I like the most about it I build something, keep learning and improving.

Closet update

As I mentioned in the previous post I running low on socks :), but except that, I had to get rid of the white button-down shirt. It will be the first item on the shopping list for the next year.

I sorted out my pyjamas, no more cut off sweat pants and old t-shirts are allowed. Yes, I used to do it. No more. Pile of t-shirts getting lower, I am more picky about the fit. I realized V-neck suits me better than any other collar. And last what I am very strict to are jeans, no more any jeans, only what fits. I kept 5 pairs of jeans, different fit and colour, but I keep wearing only 2 pairs what really fits and what I think looks good on me. Definitely, I am very comfortable and confident in them.

As you can see it gives me a clear idea of what fits and what doesn’t. I am more selective what kind of material I am looking at ( when I end up in the shops to look around ) and the only pattern what will enter my wardrobe will be stripped. No more fashion mistakes with Aztec and florals what doesn’t fit me anyway. Only classic stripes and plain colours.

If you are wondering about shoes, because so far I did not mention it. My summer go-to shoes are black leather sandals with ankle fastening, black slip-on ( closed toes and open toes) and white trainers.

If you are interesting what my dream wardrobe would look like:


Capsule Wardrobe My Way - May update

What I bought

As months before, NOTHING was added to my wardrobe. I am so proud of it. I miss nothing and I like clearing process. I also try to keep the whole apartment as minimal as possible. It is definitely easier to keep it tidy and neat.

Capsule Wardrobe My Way - May update

Holiday Packing

In June we plan a big holiday, I take kids and we leave the country for 2 months. I already know what we take not much of it we’ll bring back. It will be my major cleaning this year. I keep you updated.

Capsule Wardrobe My Way - May update

Would you do the same challenge as I do? What is your cleaning/decluttering process? Let me know in the comments.



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