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Our Not So Minimalist Travel

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I mentioned already we will be leaving the country for a whole summer. I just realized it won’t be as easy as I thought.

Preparation – Packing Light

Forget it with two kids, one 4 years old and younger 5 months old, means loads of, loads of stuff to take. As we go for a whole summer we don’t know what the weather will be like. So we took it all. What means left the wardrobe clear, almost. We had to take summer clothes and clothes for a colder weather. What if it’s raining? Another stuff to take – there is a garden to run around. And for a baby? We had to take powder milk for 2 months – to make sure it is the same as he is used to. We took the nappies (understand a loooot of nappies) we use them for a while and they are great – babies don’t like changes. Eco nappies would be better option to travel with. The good option would be cloth diapers like Cloth Diaper or GroVia.

What else we had to take

It is terrible to say but we took the play mat and a bouncer with us as well.  But it also means in such a long time he will outgrow it and we won’t take it back. And I like to pass all baby stuffs to people who I know and they will appreciate it.  I am already looking forward to having a clearer apartment when we get home ;).

My travel light suitcase

After I had to take so many stuff for kids I was left with not much room for my own items. I took only a few t-shirts, 3 blouses, 3 shirt, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 dresses and 1 skirt. I tried to pack for the most of the occasions what are about to come. Mostly it will be to stay at home in a countryside and at the end of our holidays to get rid of all fully used items. What I expect to, it will be the most of them.

Expectation after 2 months

I hope to get rid of the most items what we came with. To take home only a few items and the rest to pass to others or dispose of what was used to the fullest.

Might be you are wondering how did we too it the aircraft,  but we didn’t, we travel by car so we can all of this fit in.

If you plan or ever been on such long holidays what did you take and did you managed to travel light? Let me know in the comments to help others and inspire others.

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