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Travel Light: City Break

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From time to time everyone feels the need for a change. The best possible change is to go on a short trip. We often choose a short city break to see a bit of different culture and to break our daily routine. For that kind of trips, we overpack most of the time. In this short post, I prepared inspiration on how to pack light but to cover all possible occasion what you do in a short time.

Top / Sweater / Top / Jeans / Trenchcoat / Dress /Shoes / Mules / Tote / Sunglasses  / Duffle Bag

Travel Light For a City Break

You don’t many clothes to look stylish. You just need the right clothes. I picked a few pieces what can be good from early spring to late autumn. Layers are the key while you travel. You can take it off easily or put it on if it’s chilly. Lighter pieces avoid the bulky and heavy luggage. You need to pay attention to the right materials.

What To Pack

You will need a versatile top as a basic layer or wear on its own when the sun decides to come out. Sweater as a middle layer for chilly days or nights. And a light coat. The timeless trenchcoat is the best option as it looks great with the jeans and elegant with the dress. Comfortable shoes are a must for long strolls.

Outfit inspiration

With the right pieces, you can create many outfits. That’s what we love about the capsule wardrobe.

For more inspiration, have a look at my Pinterest.

If you like the basic minimalist wardrobe I launched the shop with perfectly curated basics from independent crafters. As it is newly launched I start with the bags – they never go out of fashion and we need it in everyday life.

What is your go-to style when you travel? Do you overpack or under pack? Let me know in the comments.



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