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What To Pack: Travel Light In Winter

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Christmas is approaching faster as we can imagine and we already packing our hand luggage for a few weeks holidays, to spend Christmas at home with our family. I’ve been thinking what to actually take, but it is easier than ever before because my wardrobe is not that full anymore and I need to take only proper winter pieces as is really cold in Slovakia and snowing day and night. So here we come this is what I take.


What To Pack: Travel Light In Winter

The big change for us, we won’t drive this time but we will fly. It will be a bit of challenge as a family of 4. But if we can stay in a small car and drive through Europe for 20+ hours it means we can do the same but slightly faster by plane as well. Don’t you think so? And my approach to packing it will actually help. A few years ago, when there were just 2 of us, we started to travel with the carry-on only, mostly it was for a ridiculous price of check-in luggage. And we got used to it so much that we try to do the same with the kids as well. Last year we even manage to pack everything in only 2!!! pieces of small luggage. I and my husband had one and our daughter took her little Trunky. But it was in the summer and we didn’t visit the family. Anyway back to the winter packing. I came with the packing list and this is exactly what I need for 2 weeks holidays.


Travel Light in Winter


Not much isn’t it?

Striped Top/T-shirts/Tank Tops or here/White Shirt/Denim Shirt/Grey Knit /Parka/Jeans/Skirt/Boots/Accessories

What Do You Need?

Everyone thinks when they are going to a cold climate with the snow, they have to take too many clothes. But that’s not really right. It is better to layer up and easy to take it off when you enter the buildings then being bulky and uncomfortable as you walk. I approached it exactly the same way. I take a big puffer parka, and I don’t need to wear that many layers underneath. T-shirt and a knit will be just fine. If you are getting cold easily the better option would be a thermal underwear instead of a regular t-shirt. It works magic.

Outfit Inspiration

Here is some outfit inspiration how to style this few pieces. Plenty of outfit possibilities. Layer up and look different every single day.

Travel Light in Winter


I included same accessories in all of them, because that’s what I normally wear and everyone else. Sunglasses keeps your eyes safe on the snow.



Travel Light in Winter

You probably noticed that I included the handbag as well, because all of us carry a handbag I just swapped mine for a diaper bag and it wouldn’t look stylish in the pictures.


Travel Light in Winter


Do you plan any holidays in the winter? Are you easy traveler or over packer? Let me know in the comments. If you need some new pieces to your wardrobe check my special deals page first, to grab a special discounts from sustainable brands.

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