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Weekend Mood

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We are having a long weekend and enjoying the sun and summer to the fullest. London weather surprised us with so much sun and blue sky. For those of you who are not as lucky as we are this weekend I prepared a little inspiration on how to use your capsule wardrobe to the fullest. Here is what to wear for a weekend mood even if it’s not a weekend.

Weekend mood

Blouses and shirts  // Trainers

Weekend mood

Over the weekend we like to be comfortable and cosy. Easy to move around but be ready for all kinds of occasions. Because the weekend can take us from slow morning to brunch with friends and unplanned cinema in the evening. So we don’t want to handle all of this in an old-school t-shirt or lounge clothes.

Weekend mood

Small swaps

Just a tiny swap like wearing a shirt or blouse with your jeans will do the trick. Shirts are generally more polished and blouses give you that perfect boost whenever you wear them. Keep it simple keep it minimal.

Weekend mood

Wear one staple piece

By wearing one staple piece, I mean to grab either a bag or a top that will be eye-catching but not too distracting. Something that will catch your attention and you will feel amazing. And if neither of those, so then wear red lipstick. That always gives you freedom and comfort.

Weekend mood

So yes wear your jeans and trainers over the weekend and makes it count. Enjoy to the fullest and keep checking for more inspiration on my Pinterest.  

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Weekend mood

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