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Travel Light: A Few Days In Paris

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Since I was a little girl I knew I will travel the world. Even when I grew up in such a small country as Slovakia is we were lucky enough to travel a lot. My first dream came true when I came to England and then I went to Canada. But I had a list of destinations/cities what I wanted to visit. And as for many of us, Paris is one of them. Even when I worked as a tourist guide I wasn’t lucky enough to visit Paris. But finally, my dream coming closer as we booked a Eurostar train to Paris. I am looking forward to spending a few days in Paris. And here is what I am going to wear.

A few days in Paris


Cami Top / White T-shirt / Dress / Jeans / Trenchcoat / Skirt / Mules / Slides / Tote Bag / Sunglasses

Travel Light For A Few Days In Paris

As I am getting older and since I created a capsule wardrobe packing became the easy part of the trip. I was inspired by the 10×10 challenge, so I am packing for 4 days with the 5  items plus a coat for rain and an air-conditioned train.

A few days in Paris

What I Packed

Jeans – I love them and wear them all the time. So why not to wear them in Paris? Parisians are well known for their stylish take on jeans anyway. I will take my black pair as they are my most comfortable jeans, and I also feel the best in them.

White t-shirt – at the moment I don’t wear any other colour t-shirt except for white. I will take Organic Basics as this a cotton t-shirt works magic in hot days. It works hard for you, you can wear it for more days in a row and it doesn’t stink.

Silk Cami Top – lightweight and chic. Can be dressed down or dress up. If the rain decides to cross our way I will wear it with the trenchcoat.

Dress – all I need for a hot day. I love the simplicity of this dress, looks good without a belt too. And what I also found really useful that it has buttons all the way up, when I lean towards the kids there is not much to see ;).

Skirt – if it happens to be more sunny days I have another outfit possibility. Or to wear it with the tights for colder days.

Trenchcoat – pumps up even the simplest outfit and it boosts my confidence. Strange, but it works the magic.

Shoes – I will take a maximum of 2 pairs. For hot day slides and for everything else mules will do. I was considering the white trainers as we plan to walk a lot, but if I do take them, mules will stay home. Both shoes are the right choice for outfit possibilities.

I was thinking about little swaps like instead of black jeans to go for blue Levis. Both are straight legs one but as I mentioned above the comfort is everything. Or instead of black cami to go for white, but with 2 small kids could be useless. I have to consider everything when I plan my outfits.

What about you, do you plan your outfits or what to pack ahead? Are you a light traveller or over-packer? Please let me know in the comments so we can help each other. And if you have some Paris recommendations, where to go and where to eat please let me know. It is my first time so I want to see everything and I’ll be happy for any kind of help.

If you like travel outfit ideas what I created you can see more over here or on my Pinterest profile. And if you need to upgrade your wardrobe, please visit my shop for timeless basics.

A few days in Paris




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