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Capsule Wardrobe For Girls

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As a mom of two, I am always thinking about what wear not just for myself but even for my kids. As I love my own capsule wardrobe I try to build one for my kids as well. When my daughter was born I was overwhelmed with all lovely and cute clothes for little girls, but as she gets older I know she also doesn’t need that many clothes. To help you organize your little darling’s wardrobe I will show you the base of what really little girls need. Let’s build a capsule wardrobe for girls.

Capsule wardrobe for girlsClothes Uniqlo kids / Zara kids shoes

Capsule Wardrobe For Girls

Five years ago I had no idea what little girls really need. But as days passing by, we learn what they want and need. You can easily copy your own wardrobe and paste it your little version of yourself. Of course with little adjustments here and there but mostly it is the same. What’s that exactly mean, no they don’t need ten different t-shirts just because they are small and they can spill something. Not even cardigans, pants and skirts. There is still only 7 days a week and they won’t change at school either. So let’s create the perfect wardrobe.


Most of the girls love to dress up. They like to look pretty in girly clothes. But being girly doesn’t mean they need to wear pink all the time. I am talking being girly means wear cute floaty tops and blouses instead of skin-tight tees. But you will need to add a few tighter fitted t-shirts as well they look so good with full skirts.

Capsule wardrobe for girls


I decided to add only 2 pair of trousers and 2 skirts in the wardrobe. With these few pieces, you already have 4 days of outfits without mixing and matching. And when you add a dress you have extra outfit to dress your girl in it.


My aim is to have only two cardigans in my daughter’s wardrobe. Kids can wear a long sleeve t-shirt under a short sleeve t-shirt. The whole outfit looks different and it keeps them warm as well. And for a warmer day, they can wear jeans jacket instead of a cardigan. Looks so much better with the lovely summer dress. More grown-up look and they actually like.

Capsule wardrobe for girls


The coat is a must-have. Trenchcoat looks chic and wool coat keeps them nice and warm. When you add a denim jacket you have so many options.


Trainers, boots and sandals. Do they need anything else? Might be pair of Mary Janes. This few shoes will take your girl through everyday adventures in any kind of weather.

Capsule wardrobe for girls

What else would you add to a girls capsule wardrobe? These are only basics to be in a girls capsule wardrobe. Foundation of great looks. As every child is unique it will need a different kind of clothes for different occasions and activities.

You can create a perfect wardrobe when you include neutrals as a foundation and add an accent colour and prints. Materials are also an important aspect. Different materials make it easier to create interesting outfits.

If you like more inspiration please have a look at my Pinterest. If you like to create your own capsule wardrobe you can read more about it in my capsule wardrobe journey. And how to create a men capsule wardrobe you can find it here.

If you like to create your perfect wardrobe I can help you with the first steps.  And if you are looking for a wardrobe foundation you can check my newly launched Pret a Collection shop.


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