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Capsule Wardrobe My Way – A Year Without Shopping Challenge August Update

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Summer is over 🙁 We’ve been back from our holidays for a few days now and getting back to normal. The school will be starting soon and I try to get back to my working routine. But I think you are more curious how do I get on with my shopping ban challenge. 

It gets better and better. Every month is easier to skip the shopping and focus on something else. For me, this website is a huge benefit. It gives me a lot. Same as no shopping.

What do I mean by that?

As I build my website and small business I learn a lot. And I love it. I keep my brain occupied all the time. I always looking for small tweaks to make it better and work harder. It also helped me to book my first client, what I would never think of I will be able in such a short time. I recommend it to everyone who likes to challenge themselves and learn new stuff as you go. You can read my post How to build a website or How to build an online shop to get you started. I made an online shop for my client. Isn’t it great what you can do when you focus your mind and energy on something else instead of shopping?

Thanks to this challenge I didn’t buy any clothes at all in 8 months and still have plenty of clothes and outfit possibilities.

Benefits of this challenge

  1. I use all of my clothes what I own. It gave me a clear idea about my style and be more confident in my clothes. It means clothes what doesn’t fit me ( thanks to 2 kids and extra weight ) and the ones what is not my style anymore found the way out a long time ago.
  2. More space.
  3. More freedom. When I don’t follow the trends I am more focus on things that really matter. No clothes shopping on weekends. No rush over the weekends just slow living with whatever day will bring.
  4. More quality items in the house. I used to buy many cheap items, thanks to this challenge I buy more expensive items which the most of the time means better quality. If you work with the budget still you can buy more expensive items at really affordable prices ( TJ Maxx or TK Maxx ) just take your time and do your research.
  5. More careful what comes in. As I mentioned above I buy slightly more expensive items than I used to, but it also means fewer items. Which is great. And definitely one in one/two out rule.
  6. Made our house more sustainable. We use tea towels instead of paper towels, Canvas bags (or this) for shopping, reuse packaging and packed lunch or snacks are taken in lunch boxes.

Summer summary

As I hoped not to bring many clothes back home, just get rid of it or pass it to someone else, it did not happen. Mine wasn’t a problem, I did not bring much back, I actually got rid of few items, yes clothes worn out or just rip. But my kid’s clothes are a different story. Kids grow but also lose weight. So I had to bring many of them back, thanks to this factor. 🙂 Nevermind less shopping for my kids either.

Overall, we had an amazing summer spent with family in the countryside with as minimum town visits as possible. We enjoyed experiences instead of items and we’re having great memories. I remember 3 years ago when I went home only with my daughter and we were left without a car. I felt so annoyed and bored in the countryside. I felt I missing something when I am just sitting at home. This time I did not miss anything and I was even able to work from home what I always dreamt of.  I am surprised what a different kind of thinking and approach to a life can do.

Ready for Fall

Fall/winter capsule wardrobe

Blue jeans/Tote/ Trainers/ White ShirtSunglasses/ Trenchcoat/ Black Jeans/ Dress or this/Hat/Slip Top/Skirt/Denim Shirt/ White T-shirt//Blue Shirt/Black sweater/Stripe T-shirt/Black T-shirt/Grey Turtleneck/Booties/Winter Coat- sold out, or this Scarf/Leather Jacket

If you wonder what I I’ll be wearing after such a long time not getting one single piece of clothing in I’ll show you some outfit ideas from a small wardrobe. We just need to be creative and give our old clothes a second chance.

Fall/winter capsule wardrobe outfit


Capsule Wardrobe Fall/Winter

Capsule Wardrobe Fall/Winter

Capsule Wardrobe Fall/Winter


What about you? How was your summer? Did you spent many hours outside enjoying lovely weather and bbq or do you still prefer shopping? Let me know in the comments so we can inspire each other.

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