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How To Style: Capsule Wardrobe For Work

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Are you the type of person who struggles every single morning to get dress for work? You know this scenario, wake up a few minutes after the alarm went off, you rush to the bathroom to take a shower and then you trying to put your outfit together. Hopeless with so many option but always nothing to wear. And then there is no time to change, but you look and feel terrible. I know that I was there. Oh yeah, did you have a breakfast or just a coffee?? Nooo, spent loads of money on this. But everything can be changed with a simple tweak. Create a capsule wardrobe. Ok if you don’t feel comfortable to wear only a few pieces of clothes to work, just get the best basics as you can and start from there. Not sure? I show you what can you do with a tiny wardrobe and if you add some pieces what you can not live without you have a perfect wardrobe forever.Winter Workwear Capsule Wardrobe

Booties/Pumps/Handbag/Sweater; Sweater / White Shirt or here or here/ Sunglasses/ Trenchcoat/Blazer/Pants Dress/Blouse/Jewellery or here/Coat/t-shirts


How Does It Work

Very easy. Just imagine, you have a few pieces of clothes, of course in the best quality what you can afford, and you just pick 2-3 pieces and you wear them and what happens – YOU LOOK AMAZING. You don’t even need to have a look at the mirror. And I am not talking just about basics, it would be the same if you wore that lovely bright colour shirt what is there for ages and nothing to wear with it. If you have the best basics, you just wear them with pants or a skirt and you are good to go. Still looks great.

What Are The Basics

Basics are the piece of clothing, what you can wear with anything anywhere and look great all the time. Preferably in neutral colours, it will be easier to mix and match. You can find some inspiration on my Pinterest Style board or in my Work Capsule Wardrobe board because we’ll talk about the Work Capsule wardrobe anyway.

How To Style It

Actually, anything goes well with everything. Here are only a few outfit ideas. But seriously you can create so many outfits with such a little wardrobe.

Workwear Capsule Wardrobe


Workwear Capsule

Workwear Capsule Wardrobe

Winter Workwear

I actually called it Winter Wardrobe, but as you can see this kind of outfits can be worn any time of the year. You will look great in the office and very powerful in the boardroom.

What are your go-to pieces? Would you change something in your style? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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