How To Style Knit

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Many people told me lately that my wardrobe is without colours and only contains basics. I don’t really mind that fact, in this post I like to show you whatever colour you add to your basic capsule wardrobe it will create outstanding outfits. When the weather is cooler and everyone taking more and more knits out I decided to show you how to style knits.

How To Style Knit

Knitwear, Jeans / Bag, Trainers / Leather Jacket

How To Style Knits

Knits are the easiest part of the clothing to style. They look amazing worn on its own or over a shirt or a t-shirt. You can wear them with skirts or casually with jeans. The most stylish ladies always wear the simplest possible outfits, wearing the knit with jeans and heels. Add the biker jacket and you have the most stylish outfit ever.

How To Style Knit

What Material To Choose

Since I created a capsule wardrobe I pay more attention to the materials. I mostly wear my own design handmade knits but I also wanted something thin and easy to wear for any kind of weather and to wear it under jackets as the handmade knits are quite bulky. The best to go for is cashmere and merino wool. Cashmere is really soft wool but can be only dry clean or carefully handwash with the baby shampoo, but also it doesn’t need to be washed after every single wear. After you wear it, you just need to air dry it and it lasts long without any odour. Merino wool is used in the finest thermal functional items as it takes the body moisture away and keeps you warm even if you sweat a lot. It also has a nice soft feel and cheaper than cashmere. If you shopping with the tight budget but you like quality items the merino wool sweater is a good investment.

How To Style Knit

Style, Size and Lenght

This is really tricky to tell. Everyone likes something different. I always go for a slightly oversized fit, I feel much better in it, but some of you prefer really tight-fitting knit. It’s the same with the length. Oversized fits are a bit longer than tight-fitting knitwear. It is up to you what you prefer and what do you feel good at. It is your style and it has to be complimenting your shape to feel good at it.

How to style knit

Crew Neck or V-Neck

Crew neck styles are more popular for people who like to wear a business casual style. They like to wear the crew neck knits on its own most of the time. V-neck sweater is more fashionable and really casual.


If you thinking to buy an investment knit to add to your wardrobe, hope this post helped you a little to make the right choice. If you like more inspiration, as always you can find it on my Pinterest and if you need help to create your dream capsule wardrobe I can help you with it.

What knitwear do you prefer? Would you like to help with any kind of wardrobe or are you stuck with the item and you don’t know how to style it? Please let me know in the comments below and I will prepare a post to give you some idea.