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How To Style: Weekend Away

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The best thing in the summer is, you can do whatever and to go wherever. We are being very busy during our long stay holidays and this weekend we will pack our stuff and go for a long weekend. Can not wait.

What to pack

As it is not a very long stay and the temperature should be above 30 degrees the most important would be not to forget bikinis. 🙂 Thanks to the amazing weather and a capsule wardrobe packing shouldn’t be a problem.

What I packed


Some outfit inspiration

Tote/Sunglasses/ Dress or this/Hat/ Jeans Shorts//Slip Top/Bikini/Black Shorts/Denim Shirt/ White Silk Top/ White T-shirt/Slip Ons/Sandals/Duffle bag

Staying in a chalet it makes it the casual weekend.

Kids Packing List

As I already mentioned so many times it is a bit harder to travel light with the kids. Especially with the baby. I need to think of so many stuff to take, but I am pretty sure there is few I can leave home.

What would you take for a weekend away?


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