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How To Wear Mules From Early Spring To Fall

If you are not sure how and what to wear your mules, keep reading to find out how to wear your mules from early spring to fall.

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To be honest with yourself. What are your most worn shoes from early spring to fall? Isn’t it the type of shoes that you can slide in and run? Loafers, pumps or mules? For me, that’s the mules. A few years ago when I saw them for the first time, I wasn’t keen on looking at them, until I tried them on and kept wearing the same pair for the past 3 years. If you are not sure how and what to wear your mules, keep reading to find out how to wear your mules from early spring to fall.

How To Wear Mules From Early Spring To Fall
Sweater // Trench coat // Pants // Mules // Crossbody Bag

How to wear your mules from early spring to fall

If you worry you’ll be cold by wearing open heel shoes in early spring, you don’t need to anymore. Some mules are made with fury insole or lined with fluffy cosy fur. So you can wear those mules freely from early spring or in fall. I got Vivaia mules that are made with the special soft lining that keeps my feet nice and cosy during colder mornings. And they are so soft too.

And once it gets warmer swapped them for a lighter version. I like leather as it gives them a smart and sophisticated look. But if you like to wear your mules only in a warmer months some brands came with the raffia or espadrille style type of mules. It gives your outfit that summer vibe but also keeps you comfortable. Closed-toe cup protects your toes from injuries, you know all that little annoying stones and high kennels.

Also, the close toe cup gives them that smart vibe so you can easily wear them to the office too. It makes them the perfect pair to wear from the office to weekends and parties.

How To Wear Mules From Early Spring To Fall
Wrap Top // Blazer // Jeans //

How do you comfortably wear a mule?

Paired with straight-leg jeans, a t-shirt and a trench coat. That’s the most stylish yet comfortable outfit that you can create. To be comfortable in your mules, they need to fit snugly, without slipping or falling off your feet. But at the same time, they can’t cause rubbing or blisters. The best mules are the ones when you have no difficulty walking in them.

How To Wear Mules From Early Spring To Fall
Top // Trousers // Sunglasses // Mules

Can you wear mules with socks or tights?

Why not? We mostly prefer them to be worn without socks or tights, but there is nothing wrong with it if you wear them with them. If you like something contrasting, go for it brave girl. But if you like to keep it polished and sophisticated is always a good idea if you wear them with nude or black tights or socks. It creates a sleek and monochromatic look.

What type of clothes should I wear my mules with?

I would say any. They are the kind of shoes to wear with anything. It depends only on the style of the mules. You wouldn’t take furry mules to a dressed-up party worn with your satin skirt or slip-on dress. It’s better to opt for a sleeker heel option. Once you want to wear them for a casual sports event with your jeans or chinos, the best type are flats with square toe caps. Comfortable but still smart enough to go to the after-party with the winners.

How To Wear Mules From Early Spring To Fall

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