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Christmas Gift Ideas

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It’s that time of the year when we start looking for gifts, but most of the time we feel overwhelmed with all the options and possibilities. Before you hit the shops this year, try to do some research and prepare yourself a little gift guide. What you would like to get for your friends and family. It will help you to save time and money. And don’t forget to get it well ahead of time, so you avoid the disappointment of delayed delivery as it happened to me last Christmas. To give you some ideas for simple, minimalist but beautiful gifts have a look at my Christmas Gift Ideas/Guide.

Christmas Gift Ideas

When it comes to presents, are you full of ideas or your struggle all the time? When it comes to friends and family I am full of ideas, as soon as I need to come up with something for my husband, I am lost. It’s not because I don’t know him well, not at all!! I just want to give him something special, and I am not sure if that present is that special. Do you struggle with the same uncertainty? If yes, here are a few ideas for a gift. And remember, gifts don’t need to be expensive or big, it has to be given with love.

Christmas Gift Ideas

1/Card Holder  2/Panties  3/Earrings   4/Necklace  5/Steamer  6/Fabric Shaver  7/Lint Brush  8/Cashmere Socks  9/ Slippers

Gifts For Her

Do you need a gift for your mum, friend, partner or to make yourself happy? I kept in mind the quality of the presents when I created gift ideas/guides. All the above presents are of high-quality items mostly got from sustainable shops. If you prefer to give no physical presents you can go for workshops, adventure/experience gifts, courses or set a website for them so they can work on their dreams.
Christmas Gift Ideas

1/Leather Gloves  2/Simple T-shirts  3/Rum  4/Bracelet  5/Cigars  6/Boxers+Socks  7/ Trainers

Gifts For Him

There are many possibilities to give to your man, dad, brother or friend. It depends on what they like, what’s their hobby and what they keep talking about. When you pick up a present try to keep the rule, quality over quantity. One good quality gift that they’ll like is better than 4-5 of poor quality that they never use. The above gifts are to get you inspired, but you can think of many others. If they like the gentlemen’s gifts, the bottle of high-quality whisky, rum or cigars will be perfect. If they are athleisure types you can think of something to replace their used gear or give them the gym pass.  Or you can always give them a voucher for some experience.

Christmas Gift Ideas

1/Dress  2/ Rain Boots  3/Trainers  4/SweatpantsJumper  5/Telescope 

Gifts For Kids

These days is really hard to find something for kids. It’s not because the shops don’t have enough items to choose from, the problem is that kids have everything. Sometimes too much.  It became harder and harder to find something that they’re really liked. For smaller kids is good to give them some clothes in a few sizes bigger than their current size, if they won’t appreciate it parents will. Boys are always happy to find a pair of trainers under the Christmas tree, don’t ask me why it is probably a man thing. Or you can pick something to support their hobby. They will need a new hockey stick, a football t-shirt or telescope and a microscope to support their interests and growth. Kids will be happy to receive an experience gift as well. You can think of entertainment parks, adrenalin adventures or visiting their dream destination/place.

Hope I inspired you and made your life a bit easier when it comes to Christmas shopping. If you think this isn’t something that you’ve been looking for, have a look at my gift guides from previous years here and here. Or Pinterest is full of inspiration to inspire you to have a smooth Christmas.

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