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How To Style a Cami Top

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What do you consider a summer staple and a wardrobe staple in general? Do you have a set amount of clothes in your wardrobe that you can’t live without all year round or are you swapping capsules according to the season and weather? I love my all-year-round basics and adding only necessary basics depending on the season. But living with a capsule wardrobe for a few years I learned to mix and match or layer the pieces so clothes don’t need to be stored away and I can enjoy those items for any season. One of those pieces is a cami top. I show you how I style my cami top.

How to style a cami top

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How to Style a Cami Top

A cami top is an absolute staple in a capsule wardrobe. The versatility is endless. You can wear it all year round without feeling restricted. In winter is a great base layer or under wool sweaters and as the weather gets warmer it is a beautiful staple to wear under blazers or on its own.

How to style a cami top

Silk Satin Cami Tops

If you are looking for smart-looking tops, you should be looking at silk or satin tops. Silk-satin tops wrap nicely around your body, but they are not tight at all. They’ll give you enough coverage and keep you cool on hot summer days. And you’ll still dress smart for the office. When you feel the tank top is too casual for an office, the silk satin top is an option to go for.  They can be easily dressed down with jeans and flip-flops for a weekend too.

How to style a cami top

P.A.C Cami Tops

P.A.C cami tops have been designed with comfort and sustainability in mind, but are still affordable for everyone who likes great-looking, long-lasting pieces. They are made of silk satin and satin. What is a cheaper more affordable option to pure silk? The material is washable which makes tops easy to look after – no more running to a laundry service. We understand that keeping an eye on details is key when you build your capsule wardrobe, it is the same with our pieces. We make sure the tops sit in place and don’t show too much as it is quite common with loose-fitting cami tops. The tops are designed to fit closer to the body around the top part but A-line cut drapes top nicely around the body. The bottom line will cover wider hips easily. Tops are available in petite and regular fit in general sizing from 34-46.

How to style a cami top

Fashion tip:

Wear them loose or tuck inside, with jeans, pants or skirts, and you have a piece that lasts for years to come.  If you are looking for a nice outfit for a dinner date, try to tuck your top in jeans, worn with a simple small bag and heels. Add a bit of your favourite lipstick and you are good to go. Simple but so chic.

How to style a cami top

If you are looking for a basic and ethically made cami top, don’t look further. Our tops are made locally in Europe, by women in their little workshops. By purchasing these tops you will support women and their small businesses. Pret a Collection is made for women by women.

How to style a cami top

I would like to thank you for being here and supporting me, I offering you a special 20% discount on cami tops with the code THANKYOU20. Valid for 2 weeks, until 13/06/2021 to be able to stock on ethically made summer basics – silk satin and satin tops.

How to style a cami top

Please let me know your thoughts on a cami top. Or show us how you would style them.

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