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How To Wear Black In Summer

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Some of the best pieces on the market come in elegant, effortlessly cool polished black. There is no chance to skip wearing black in the summer then. And you shouldn’t be even trying. Black can be a good choice of colour to wear even in summer. It might not be the first choice to think of but definitely one of the most stylish options. Once you decide to wear black in summer keep reading about how to wear black stylishly in the hottest months of the year.

How To Wear Black In The Summer

Top // Trousers // Slides // Tote Bag // Sunglasses


Wear natural fibres.

Choose wider silhouettes.

Show a little skin.

Try black prints and patterns.

Try a black outfit paired with a pair of black sunglasses.

Summer Accessories

But mostly all black outfits are simple and chic.

How To Wear Black In The Summer

Wear Natural Fibres.

When it comes to wearing black in the summer, it’s all about the quality of the garment. You won’t look polished and elegant in the polyester dress or blouse. You will be effortlessly cool when you opt for linen, cotton, silk and satin. All those materials keep you cool.

How To Wear Black In The Summer

Choose Wider Silhouettes.

Most of the time the summer clothes are loose and comfortable, and when you wear black it doubles. Even if you decide to wear black jeans try to opt for a looser fit, not a skin-tight pair.

The Summer Sandals

Show a Little Skin.

Summer is naturally about wearing as little as possible. And once you opt for black it doesn’t mean you need to be covered in it from head to toe. Show a bit of skin. Backless tops are a perfect piece of clothing to wear on a hot day.

How To Wear Black In The Summer

T-shirt // Skirt // Pumps

Try Black in Prints and Patterns

If you are not sure if all black is the right thing for you, try to include black prints and patterns in your wardrobe. Start slowly, with a top. A bikini or hat is a good start on how to wear black in summer. Even black sunglasses is a good start.

What To Pack for Summer Holidays With The Wedding Invitation

// Dress //

Try Black Outfit with a Pair Of Black Sunglasses

Do you still think that opting for an all-black outfit is a bit too much? You are not sure if black sunglasses shouldn’t be left on the shelf? Think again. The perfect black sunglasses ads that cool dot to the outfit. And keep in mind the bigger is better.

How To Wear Black In The Summer

// Trousers //

Summer Accessories

If the all-black outfit is not your thing, especially in summer, try to pair the black outfit with the summer accessories. A straw basket and lighter sandals accomplish the black outfit perfectly. Or try to wear a black summer dress with white trainers. You will have an effortlessly chic outfit.

Hope you found this post helpful and it assured you that you don’t need to worry to wear black even in the summer. But if you’re looking for more summer styling inspirations over here you can find more of them or follow me on Pinterest where I pin daily outfit inspirations.

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