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Back To Work Fall Uniform

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You might not feel it yet, but at my place we can feel the weather change already. And as the nature change the colours we slowly entering the fashion favourite season of the year. That’s the best season to wear anything really and to use most of your clothes from your capsule wardrobe. You can layer summer pieces with the knits and adding the layers will create the perfect fall looks. And if you are stacked with your outfit choices when it comes to going back to work after long summer of wearing barely anything here is some inspiration for fall work uniform. Build your back to work fall uniform with the comfort and business in mind.

Back to work fall uniform

Black Ribbed Vest // White Ribbed Vest // Roll neck Knit // Wrap Blouse // Black Roll neck and here // Tote Bag // Blazer // Loafers // Trainers // Belt // Jeans // Shirt // Mules // Trench coat or here // Wide-leg Trousers

Back To Work Fall Uniform

As kids goes back to school in September we slowly return to our usual schedules at the same time. To transition smoothly to back to work schedules I like to create back to work fall work uniform. It’s easier to dress in the mornings, it gives me loads of outfit choices without less stress, when the time is short and everything else is too stressful already. If you follow my journey with the capsule wardrobe, you already know that I have a tiny wardrobe, compare to others fashionable ladies, but I know that few pieces work really well for my lifestyle and style in general. I will tweak only few pieces, adding more knits and taking dresses out of my summer wardrobe, and by doing that it gives me perfect base for my fall work uniform and not only that, but even will work great for everyday life for a next few months.

Back to work fall uniform

The Hardest Working Pieces of Fall Uniform

In everyone’s wardrobe there are a few pieces that we were more often then others. Isn’t it? My most worn pieces are jeans, t-shirts, shirts and blazer. And now trench coat makes it to the wardrobe as well. Our office is not strict at the office wear, we can basically wear anything, but I like to keep it office appropriate no matter what. When I wear jeans I like to wear smarter shoes and always with the blazer. In the fall when I’ll wear more knits I like to add a smart belt and blazer. And of course the trench coat will be my most worn piece over the next few months. That’s my formula to fall uniform.

Back to work fall uniform

Wearing a Trainers To The Office

Alongside other smarter shoe choices the trainers became quite popular choice of a footwear to wear to the office. Especially white trainers worn with the suit or with the wide-leg pants. For a fall the ideal is to pick the leather trainers, that keeps your feet dry if there are an occasional showers.

Back to work fall uniform


As I mentioned before, the biggest swap in the fall uniform dressing is adding a knitwear to an everyday life. Simple turtleneck sweaters or crewneck cashmere sweaters keeps you warm but simply chic as well. Wear them with the blazer or trench coat and you have perfect base of your fall uniform.

Back to work fall uniform

Hope you found this post helpful. But if you’re looking for more summer styling inspirations over here you can find more of them or follow me on Pinterest where I pin daily outfit inspirations.

And if you plan to build your capsule wardrobe in the summer but are not sure what you like or don’t like my new eBook ‘ How To Build a Minimalist Wardrobe ‘ is right for you. It will guide you through different body shapes, and styles, touch the colour analysis and help you to declutter your wardrobe. Also, the help notepads will help you with smart shopping decisions. And thanks to shoppable links and shop dictionary will help you with shopping for the missing items. Once you build your minimalist wardrobe, you will not experience’ that you have nothing to wear mornings ‘, and it also saves you a big chunk of money in the long term.

If you decided that time is right to start/swap your capsule wardrobe here are some old articles for some inspiration. 

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