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How To Look Stylish In The Rain

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I’ve been looking through the window while the outside is pouring rain and has been thinking what the hell shall I wear? I have built my fall capsule wardrobe already but if I want to stay warm, dry and chic at the same time what shall I wear? As I know we will go through more days like that I decided to put together some outfit ideas how to look stylish in the rain.

How To Look Stylish in the Rain

Sweater // Trousers // Mac Coat // Trainers // Tote

How To Look Stylish In The Rain

How do you feel about fall getting closer? The fall is not only glamorous, colourful and full of stylish outfits. The fall is also about loads of rain and missarable days from time to time. And to make that less enjoyable days bareable, we want to look chic and stylish in the rain as much as possible. Whether we take the chic raincoat or we opt for that cool rain boots we making sure it keeps us dry and help us survive the day.

How To Look Stylish in the Rain

// Rain Coat //

Rain Coats

Rain coat is probably the first piece what you take and what you think of wearing when the rain is pouring and you have to leave the warmth and comfort of your cozy house and step outside. Luckily there is plenty of options these days for a fashionable rain coats. In many colours, lenghts and styles. Choose the right one to fit into your capsule wardrobe, and match well with the rest of your wardrobe.

How To Look Stylish in the Rain

Trench Coats

I included a trench coat as well. As they are made of different fabrics. Originally the trench coat was design for soldiers in the army to keep them dry in the rain. So definetely don’t leave your trench coat at home on the rainy days.

How To Look Stylish in the Rain

Rain Boots

I remember when I bought my first pair of stylish rain boots. They were black with the pink flowers all over of them. I wouldn’t wear them now, as my style changed, but the rain boots can be a stylish footwear as well. There is so many options on the market, you just need to find that suits your style. My current pair of rain boots is chelsea style boots obviously in black :).

How To Look Stylish in the Rain


You probably noticed that bucket hats became one of the most popular hat styles. They are not only the perfect summer accessory but also rain accessory as they come fully waterproof. It is a great piece for everyone who doesn’t like to carry an umbrella or doesn’t like hooded coats.

Hope this few outfit ideas helps you to get through missarble days and fight the rain and wind easier. When we look good in our clothes we feel good. So don’t make the weather to mess up your days.

And if you’re looking for more minimalist outfis inspirations check it out over here or follow me on Pinterest where I pin daily outfit inspirations.

And if you plan to build your capsule wardrobe but are not sure what you like or don’t like my new eBook ‘ How To Build a Minimalist Wardrobe ‘ is right for you. It will guide you through different body shapes, and styles, touch the colour analysis and help you to declutter your wardrobe. Also, the notepads will help you with smart shopping decisions. And thanks to shoppable links and shop dictionary will help you to brows the shops for the missing items. Once you build your minimalist wardrobe, you will not experience’ that you have nothing to wear mornings ‘, and it also saves you a big chunk of money in the long term.

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